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   Nitrolite Yoga & Pilates Mats

100% hypoallergenic, not-toxic, and odorless
Does not support fungal / bacterial growth
Inherent not-skid surface, ultra-lightweight material
Free of CFC, asbestos, chlorine, and does not cause skin allergy
Withstands tearing, rough handling, severe conditions, and most children
Contains no rubber or latex
Carrying strap included






Order #

Pilates Mat

$54.00 ea

5/8" thick x 39" wide x 74" long PM583974RR (Ruby Red)
PM583974RB (Royal Blue)
PM583974SB (Sky Blue
PM583974FG (Forrest Green)
PM583974LG (Lime Green)
Yoga Mat

$30.00 ea

3/8" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM382472RR (Ruby Red)
YM382472RB (Royal Blue)
YM382472SB (Sky Blue)
YM382472FG (Forest Green)
YM382472LG (Lime Green)
Yoga Mat

$34.00 ea

1/2" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM122472RR (Ruby Red)
YM122472RB (Royal Blue)
YM122472SB (Sky Blue)
YM122472FG (Forest Green)
YM122472LG (Lime Green)
Yoga Mat

$38.00 ea

5/8" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM58247RR (Ruby Red)
YM58247RB (Royal Blue)
YM58247SB (Sky Blue)
YM58247FG (Forrest Green)
YM58247LG (Lime Green)

Ultra Light Weight

Carrying Strap Included

Anti Fungal / Bacterial

Various Thicknesses
For Your Comfort




Durable Ribbed
Non-skid Surface


100% Hypoallergenic


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