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Nitron Industries Utility Mats

Nitron Industries is proud to introduce a new line of Utility Mats. These Mats are light weight and durable and offer many benefits that other Utility Mats can’t touch. A lightly textured, high-tack surface allows your hands or feet a firm grip while working or playing. Nitromats are made of closed cell, Nitrolite™, a synthetic material. As such, they offer excellent traction, even when wet from perspiration, and have the added benefits of being 100% hypoallergenic, anti bacterial, anti fungal, and neutral to most chemicals. Our Utility Mats come in two different sizes, 24” wide X 72” long and 39” wide X 74” long. The 24” X 72” Mats are available in ⅜”, ½”, or ⅝” thicknesses.  The 39” X 74” Mats are available in a ⅝” thickness. All of our Utility Mats are available in a wide range of colors and our mats are denser and tougher than standard mats available elsewhere. 


Our Utility Mats are great for massage therapy, or make a lightweight and comfortable bedroll for hiking and camping. No more rocks and mystery lumps in the middle of your back all night! The larger Mats are great for the back of a truck, SUV, or the bottom of a tent. The Utility Mats are easy to clean with soap and water. They are an easy way to have an extra bed when guests stay over night and the best part is that you don’t need to blow them up!

Available in five attractive and easy to clean colors.

Key Benefits of Nitromats Utility Mats
  • 100% Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Anti-Fungal, will not support Fungal growth
  • Anti-Bacterial, will not support Bacterial growth
  • Contains no rubber or latex
  • Neutral to most chemical agents
  • Ultra Light Weight for easy carrying and storage
  • Carrying strap included
  • High tack, textured surface to prevent slippage
  •  Ideal rebound response
  • Superior comfort and durability

  • Great Insulator to keep you comfortably away from hot or cold surfaces
  • Free of CFC, asbestos, chlorine, and will not cause skin allergy
  • Size range: 24” x 72” in ”, ½” and ⅝” and 24” x 74" in the ⅝” thickness
  • Colors: Ruby Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Forrest Green, and  Lime Green



Order #

Utility Mat

$54.00 ea

5/8" thick x 39" wide x 74" long PM583974RR (Ruby Red)
PM583974RB (Royal Blue)
PM583974SB (Sky Blue
PM583974FG (Forrest Green)
PM583974LG (Lime Green)
Utility Mat

$30.00 ea

3/8" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM382472RR (Ruby Red)
YM382472RB (Royal Blue)
YM382472SB (Sky Blue)
YM382472FG (Forest Green)
YM382472LG (Lime Green)
Utility Mat

$34.00 ea

1/2" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM122472RR (Ruby Red)
YM122472RB (Royal Blue)
YM122472SB (Sky Blue)
YM122472FG (Forest Green)
YM122472LG (Lime Green)
Utility Mat

$38.00 ea

5/8" thick x 24" wide x 72" long YM58247RR (Ruby Red)
YM58247RB (Royal Blue)
YM58247SB (Sky Blue)
YM58247FG (Forrest Green)
YM58247LG (Lime Green)

We invite dealer inquiries and offer significant wholesale and volume discounts on all products. Nitrolite™ rolls and bulk pricing are also available. Indeed, the material is suitable for covering an entire fitness studio. Sizes: 48" x 30’ x (⅛” to 1” thick) and available in six cool colors. Nitrolite™ makes a great thermal and acoustic insulator as well. Contact Nitron Industries and request a quote today!



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