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What’s new in soundproofing, thermal and acoustical insulating?  Nitron Industries is pleased to offer NITRON  Insulation.  NITRON  Insulation is a unique closed cell foam (NitroLite) designed for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as elegance and lasting durability.  It provides superior soundproofing and thermal insulating ability as well as cost-effectiveness over standard neoprene and other types of closed or open cell insulating materials. Further, the material’s inherent flexibility makes it ideally suited for insulating large surface areas such as engine compartments of cars, trucks, aircraft (FAA approved), boats (doesn’t absorb moisture), RV’s and their generator compartments, and air-duct systems.

What is the difference between NITRON  InsulatioN and other foams?  Common insulating foams are usually open cell, urethane or polyester expanded foams.  Because they are open cell, they absorb and pass sound and heat easily.  Closed cell foams, such as our NITRON  InsulatioN absorb sound and heat readily without passing them along, making a superior barrier. The material will not absorb odor and has excellent moisture and fire resistance.  Some think it's the same as neoprene, but it's not!


The biggest problem with car, truck or aircraft nose is that it comes right up through the hood and windshield into the passenger compartment. As a hood liner NITRON  Insulation mats are able to dramatically reduce transmission of this noise and are particularly effective in the low range.  They can be applied by using our self adhesive backed product, or with existing mechanical fasteners. This makes for a very durable and highly cost-effective noise and heat barrier with an effective temperature range up to 221° F.  Further, because the material is self-extinguishing in nature it can be used as a firewall.  Homes and buildings also benefit from installing NITRON   InsulatioN. It is a myth that soundproofing walls requires ripping them out. Although there is some work involved, soundproofing walls involves adding to the existing walls by creating a “double wall”.  This method is used in many of today’s modern recording studios, rehearsal halls, indoor firing ranges, schools, churches, and more.

NITRON  InsulatioN is now available from Nitron Industries in single3’ X 4’ sheets or in 4’ X 30’ rolls. It is available in black, white, aluminum laminate and a wide variety of other colors and unique surfaces. It is typically sold as 1” thick, 48”” X 48” panels or as 48” X 30’ rolls.  Panels cost $37.60 (plus S&H), this works out to $2.35 per sq. ft. Compared to Dynamat and other specialty foams that run as much as $8.93 per sq. ft. or more. Quantity and dealer discounts are available.  You can use any thickness of NITRON  InsulatioN from 1/8” to 2 1/2” and it applies easily with our self adhesive backing or other adhesive products.

Special Features:


Excellent as an acoustic dampener and barrier.  Noise control reductions of 50%-90% are reported.


Inherently flexible material makes installation fast, easy and economical.


Available in a wide range surfaces and colors including reflective metallic, white, black, blue, green, red, and yellow.


Suitable for application within the temperature range of -104°F to 225°F (-40°C to 105°C).


Smooth surface texture, gives Nitron Insulation a clean and aesthetic appearance when installed.


Less space is needed for Nitron Insulation as compared to other types of automotive acoustic insulation.


Specially compounded to be self-extinguishing in nature. UL and FAA approved!
· Excellent ozone and ultraviolet resistance.
· Free of CFC, asbestos and chlorine, and does not cause skin allergy. The material is inherently hypoallergenic and will not promote bacterial or fungal growth.
· Thermal blister closed-cell structure forms an impermeable layer which is an excellent vapor barrier.
· Inert to most chemical agents, petroleum, and neutral to metal.
· Nitron Insulation is less than half the price of other similar acoustic or thermal insulating materials.
· Withstands tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
· Sheet insulation in thickness available from 1/8” to 2 1/2”.
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Nitrolite™ Pipe Insulation Sleeves 6 ' Lengths- Black - Unslitted
Nitrolite™ Pipe Insulation Sleeves 6 ' Lengths-Black - Slitted
Nitrolite™ Pipe Insulation Sleeves 6 ' Lengths- White, Grey, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue- Unslitted
Nitrolite™ Pipe Insulation Sleeves 6 ' Lengths- White, Grey, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue- Slitted
Nitrolite™ Sheet Insulation Black & Colors - Aluminum Laminate, Self Adhesive
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