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Pipe Sleeves and Rolls
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Aluminum Laminate
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Sheet Wrap for Chiller Tanks
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NITRON Industries is proud to offer NITROLITE a unique closed cell Nitrile foam material designed for both thermal and acoustic insulation and lasting durability. NITROLITE offers superior insulating ability over standard neoprene and other types of closed-cell foams at a much lower price. In addition to wide usage for thermal insulation, the inherent characteristics and physical properties of NITROLITE make it a highly advantageous product in a wide variety of industrial applications.

NITROLITE’s expanded closed cell structure provides an efficient vapor barrier for the prevention ofcondensation on cooling systems or frost formation on refrigeration lines. It significantly retards heat loss for hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping and solar energy systems. It


also protects pipes against corrosion and acts as an exceptional vibration damper. Additionally, the material’s inherent flexibility makes it ideally suited for the insulation of large surface areas such as tanks, large diameter pipes irregularly shaped vessels, and ducts.

NITROLITE insulation is now available from NITRON Industries in tubing and wraps for pipes and as single 3’ x 4’ sheets or 4’ x 30’ rolls. NITROLITE Foam Tapes are also available in various thickness and widths as well as custom sizes. NITROLITEPipe Sleeves are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of PVC, steel and copper pipe. NITROLITE Pipe Sleeves are available in 6’ lengths in both slit and unslit formats as well as unslit master rolls in various lengths. Standard colors of black and white are available. A wide variety of colors and unique surfaces are available by special request.

Flexible Pipe Tubing in Rolls and Colors

Foam Tapes in Various Widths and Thickness

Special Features:


Low thermal conductivity (K value: 0.00193 Btu/[h*in*°F]) makes Nitrolite™ highly efficient and effective in the insulation of cooling or heating systems.


Available in a wide range of colors, including white, reflective metallic and black.


Thermal blister closed-cell structure forms an impermeable layer that is an excellent vapor barrier.


ASTM tested and suitable for application within the temperature range of -104°F to 241°F.


Specially compounded to be self-extinguishing in nature and will not support a flame.


Excellent ozone and ultraviolet resistance.


Free of CFC, asbestos and chlorine, and will not cause skin reaction. The material is inherently hypoallergenic and will not support or promote bacterial or fungal growth.
· Inert to most chemical agents and neutral to pipe metals.
· Inherently flexible material makes installation fast, easy and economical.
· Withstands tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
· Less space is needed for Nitrolite™ as compared to other types of insulation.
· Smooth surface texture, gives Nitrolite™ a clean and aesthetic appearance when installed.
Nitrolite Technical Specifications (Click Arrow to view chart)
MSDS (Click Arrow to view chart)
Twin Well Prototype Tank
Insulated with 2” Pipe Sleeve
Cold Water Pipes Wrapped with White 1/2” Sheet and Wrapped with Polyskin Coating
Photo Courtesy of Reed Mariculture
Air Duct Wrapped in ¼” Aluminum Laminate to Regulate Air Temp for Farm-Wide Distribution

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