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Nitron Industries, LLC is proud to offer NitroLite, a unique foam material designed primarily for thermal insulation.  NitroLite is available in black, white and a wide variety of colors.  Unique surfaces are available upon special request.  NitroLite offers superior insulating ability and cost-effectiveness over standard neoprene and other types of insulating, closed-cell, foams. NitroLiteis inherently hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antifungal. It is also UV, and ozone resistant. The material is self extinguishing when exposed to flame .

NitroLite insulation is available in tubing for pipes and in sheet form.  Self-adhesive foam tapes are also available.  The extruded flexible tubing is specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper piping.  Sheets are available in standard precut sizes or rolls. Also available in aluminized laminate in sheets and rolls, used in automotive, RV, boat, acoustic, firewall applications as well as many other uses.....  Our 1/8 inch material is used as a sub-flooring under hardwood floors, as an acoustic insulator as well as a water barrier and floor padding. Have a thought?  Ask Us


In addition to wide usage for thermal insulation, the inherent characteristics and physical properties of
NitroLite make it a highly advantageous product in a wide variety of industries.  Currently NitroLite is being used for sports equipment as handles, supports, back rests and shock absorbent padding: foamed pipes for ornaments and toys; special industrial-foamed pipes for ornaments and greenhouse insulation and aquaculture applications. 
Physical Property Technical Specifications
Test Method
Cellular Structure Fine closed-cell


Chemical structure 100% synthetic Nitirle foam


U.S. Military Specification Anti-sweat: -20 to 180F MIL P 15280
Density 0.06 to 0.09g/cm ASTM D1667
70 to 90 kg/m3 ASTM D 1667
3.5-5lbs./ft3 ASTM D 1667
Hardness (Shore) (shore) 30 to 40 ASTM D 1415
Hardness (IRHD) 605 ASTM D 1415
Flexibility Excellent ASTM D 1415
Low temperature - 20 F (no break) MIL P 15280
Elongation Excellent (150%-250%) ASTM D 412
Tensile Strength 50 to 80 kg/cm2; 40(psi) min. ASTM D 412
Abrasion Resistance Good (200-250) mm DIN 53516
Initial Tear Resistance 25 to 35 kg/cm ASTM D1004
Thermal Conductivity (50F) 0.28 Btu*in/hr.ft2*F ASTM C 518
Thermal Cond. 75F 0.27 Btu*in/hr.ft2*F ASTM C 518
Thermal Cond. - ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -20C or -4F) ASTM C 518

-STM C 518

Thermal Cond. - ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -0C or -32F) - A
Thermal Cond. 0.038 W/mC ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -20C or -68F) A A
Thermal Cond. 0.034 W/mC ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -24C or -75F) - -
Temperature Range (F) -104 to +241F ASTM C 518
Thermal Stability (% Shrinkage) 4.5% 7 days -200F
%  7days-220F
Fire Resistance Class 0
Class 1
V-O, 5VA
BS 476. Part 6
BS 476. Part 7
ASTM D-635
Fire Rating Approval Contains flames and heat UL Approved
Toxicity  4.9 NES 713
Water Absorption (%W/W) 4.9 (%W/W) ASTM C272
Water Vapor Perm 0.29 ug.m/N.h ASTM E96
Water Vapor Perm. 8.17 x 10-14 ASTM E 96
In Max g/Pa.s.m2 - -
Mold Growth Will not support


Fungi Resistance Will not support ASTM G 21/C 1338
Bacterial Resistance Will not support ASTM G 22
Weather and U.V. Resistance Good to Excellent

ASTM D 518

Ozone Resistance Excellent

ASTM D 1171

- (96 hr @ 30 C,50 pphm =0 JIS K6301

Pysical Property

Rating Test Method
Chemical Resistance


Fuel Good ASTM D 471
Gasoline Hi Test Fair


Oils and Fats Good
Lubricating Oils - High Aniline Excellent
Lubricating Oils - Low Aniline Good
Lubricating Sulphur Bearing Fair
Vegetable Oil Excellent
Solvents Good
Naptha and Kerosene Good
Benzene and Toluene Fair
Alcohol and Glycols Excellent
Dilute Acids and Bases Good
Concentrated Acids and Bases Fair
Color Resistance and Fading Good
Flex Cracking Resistance Good
Impermeability and Gases Good
Gamma Radiation Resistance Good
Odor Negligible
Production Process W/O CFC, Asbestos
Chlorine, or Fiber
Acoustic Properties NRC + 0.35, 1/ 1/8"
(0.11 [160Hz] to 0.59 [800-1000])
ASTM C 423-90a
Sound Transmission Class (STC)
50 to 80

ASTM D 2296

Coating with release paper Adhesive Tested acceptable
@ 80
  C for 500 hr


Relative Polymer Cost
(SBR =1)


**STC is a composite construction score that includes many variables including; construction materials, wall thickness, types of carpeting, type of roof, etc. Specific acoustic properties and installation are available upon request.

Due to differences in the surface area to volume, heat flow is not simply a matter of measuring the R-value of flat surface material, but rather radial heat flow associated with cylindrical shapes.  This is based on the fact that the inner radius surface area is considerably smaller than the outer radius surface area and most to calculated using a different formula (available upon request) that yields an R-value on a square foot basis.  The values represented here are a conservative estimate of R-values typically seen for
NitroLite pipe insulation.


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