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Lightweight and easy to install

Lays directly on top of existing floor

Nitron Industries is pleased to introduce Nitrolite™ Insulation for Flooring. Our Floor Insulation material is superior to other materials because it is both an Acoustic and Thermal insulator as well as being a moisture barrier. This is especially beneficial for multi-story homes and



buildings. Nitrolite™ is Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial and will not grow any fungus or bacteria should it get wet. Our Floor Insulation is free of CFC’s, Chlorine, and Asbestos and is neutral to most chemical agents. It is Hypoallergenic in nature and odor free. Most importantly, it is inherently flame resistant and will not support a flame when exposed to fire. It also adds a pleasant cushion to hardwood and laminate floors as well as carpeting.

Add to these benefits the fact that Nitrolite™ is easy to install and is also easy on your pocket book.

Nitrolite Insulation Sheets, Black

Retail Price Per Square Foot

Thickness→ 1/8"




Roll Size↓          
  4' X 30'






Nitrolite Rolls are approximately 120 Sq. Ft. each.
Prices listed are rounded up to the nearest penny.

Prices quoted are for the Nitron suggested retail price on the Nitrolite™ material. Please contact Nitron Industries or your local Dealer for exact prices.

For Hardwood and Laminate floors, use Nitrolite™ 1/8” thick Floor Insulation material. This will provide some sound insulation, as well as a moisture barrier, and provide a pleasant cushion to the floor when it is walked upon.

For Carpeting, use 1/4” up to 5/8” thick Floor Insulation depending on how much cushioning you want under the carpet and how much sound insulation you require.


Makes installation fast and easy

Cuts and shapes with a knife or scissors

Special Features:

• Excellent as an acoustic dampener and barrier. Noise control reductions of 50%-90% are   reported.
• Lightweight material is easy to move and manipulate.
• Cuts and shapes with a mat knife or scissors.
• Can be used in “floating floor” applications or with most common adhesives.
• Use of this environmentally friendly material will actually help to conserve our natural resources.
• Inherently flexible material makes installation fast, easy and economical.
• Suitable for application within the temperature range of -104°F to 230°F (-40°C to 107°C).
• Specially compounded to be self-extinguishing in nature. UL and FAA approved!
• Excellent ozone and ultraviolet resistance.
• Free of CFC, asbestos and chlorine, and does not cause skin allergy. The material is inherently hypoallergenic and will not promote bacterial or fungal growth.
• Thermal blister closed-cell structure forms an impermeable layer which is an excellent moisture and vapor barrier.
• Inert to most chemical agents, petroleum, and neutral to metal.
• Withstands tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
Nitrolite™ Acoustic Properties







Nitrolite™, as Acoustic Insulation has a closed cell structure that not only dampens sound, it absorbs it. The closed cell structure of our material does not allow for the transmission of sound from one side of the material to the other. Not only is Nitrolite™ a superior Acoustic Barrier but also it is self-extinguishing when exposed to flame and makes an extremely effective moisture barrier. Nitrolite™ Pipe Sleeves act as a vibration dampener, reducing or eliminating pipe vibration noise, as well as being an effective moisture barrier. Nitrolite™ is also an excellent Thermal Insulator with an effective operational range of -104°F to +221°F.

Sound Absorption Coefficient

Frequency Hz


100 0.18 +/- 0.03
125 0.13 +/- 0.04
160 0.11 +/- 0.03
200 0.12 +/- 0.02
250 0.12 +/- 0.03
315 0.13 +/- 0.02
400 0.18 +/- 0.02
500 0.25 +/- 0.02
630 0.41 +/- 0.02
800 0.59 +/- 0.02
1000 0.59 +/- 0.03
1250 0.49 +/- 0.02
1600 0.45 +/- 0.02
2000 0.35 +/- 0.02
2500 0.37 +/- 0.02
3150 0.34 +/- 0.02
4000 0.27 +/- 0.03
NRC 0.35

Nitrolite™ is available in 4' x 3' panels and 4' x 30' rolls, single or double skinned, in various thicknesses, and colors. Nitrolite is also available in 6' long Pipe Sleeves in various thicknesses, ID's, and colors or in longer Pipe Sleeve Rolls.

Physical Property Technical Specifications
Test Method
Cellular Structure Fine closed-cell


Chemical structure 100% synthetic Nitirle foam


U.S. Military Specification Anti-sweat: -20° to 180°F MIL P 15280
Density 0.06 to 0.09g/cm ASTM D1667
70 to 90 kg/m3 ASTM D 1667
3.5-5lbs./ft3 ASTM D 1667
Hardness (Shore) (shore) 30° to 40° ASTM D 1415
Hardness (IRHD) 60±5 ASTM D 1415
Flexibility Excellent ASTM D 1415
Low temperature - 20° F (no break) MIL P 15280
Elongation Excellent (150%-250%) ASTM D 412
Tensile Strength 50 to 80 kg/cm2; 40(psi) min. ASTM D 412
Abrasion Resistance Good (200-250) mm DIN 53516
Initial Tear Resistance 25 to 35 kg/cm ASTM D1004
Thermal Conductivity (50°F) 0.28 Btu*in/hr.ft2*°F ASTM C 518
Thermal Cond. 75°F 0.27 Btu*in/hr.ft2*°F ASTM C 518
Thermal Cond. - ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -20°C or -4°F) ASTM C 518

-STM C 518

Thermal Cond. - ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -0°C or -32°F) - A
Thermal Cond. 0.038 W/m°C ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -20°C or -68°F) A A
Thermal Cond. 0.034 W/m°C ASTM C 518
(K-value @ -24°C or -75°F) - -
Temperature Range (°F) -104 to +241°F ASTM C 518
Thermal Stability (% Shrinkage) 4.5% 7 days -200°F
%  7days-220°F
Fire Resistance Class 0
Class 1
V-O, 5VA
BS 476. Part 6
BS 476. Part 7
ASTM D-635
Fire Rating Approval Contains flames and heat UL Approved
Toxicity  4.9 NES 713
Water Absorption (%W/W) 4.9 (%W/W) ASTM C272
Water Vapor Perm 0.29 ug.m/N.h ASTM E96
Water Vapor Perm. 8.17 x 10-14 ASTM E 96
In Max g/Pa.s.m2 - -
Mold Growth Will not support


Fungi Resistance Will not support ASTM G 21/C 1338
Bacterial Resistance Will not support ASTM G 22
Weather and U.V. Resistance Good to Excellent

ASTM D 518

Ozone Resistance Excellent

ASTM D 1171

- (96 hr @ 30 C,50° pphm =0 JIS K6301

Pysical Property

Rating Test Method
Chemical Resistance


Fuel Good ASTM D 471
Gasoline Hi Test Fair


Oils and Fats Good
Lubricating Oils - High Aniline Excellent
Lubricating Oils - Low Aniline Good
Lubricating Sulphur Bearing Fair
Vegetable Oil Excellent
Solvents Good
Naptha and Kerosene Good
Benzene and Toluene Fair
Alcohol and Glycols Excellent
Dilute Acids and Bases Good
Concentrated Acids and Bases Fair
Color Resistance and Fading Good
Flex Cracking Resistance Good
Impermeability and Gases Good
Gamma Radiation Resistance Good
Odor Negligible
Production Process W/O CFC, Asbestos
Chlorine, or Fiber
Acoustic Properties NRC + 0.35, 1/ 1/8"
(0.11 [160Hz] to 0.59 [800-1000])
ASTM C 423-90a
Sound Transmission Class (STC)
50 to 80

ASTM D 2296

Coating with release paper Adhesive Tested acceptable
@ 80
°  C for 500 hr


Relative Polymer Cost
(SBR =1)



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